About Honey Financial Solutions


We’re here to support you from the minute you start thinking about purchasing, right to the end of the property transaction.

We can help take away the frustration and stress of getting a mortgage or remortgaging – leaving you to concentrate on the exciting parts, like the housewarming!

We keep in regular contact with everyone involved; the mortgage lender, accountant, solicitor, and the estate agent to help the property transaction go as smoothly as possible.

We have three main objectives in securing your mortgage offer as quickly as possible:

  • To find you the most suitable mortgage at the lowest interest rate for your circumstances.
  • To reduce the hassle of researching the market, completing multiple mortgage forms and chasing all parties in the process.
  • Providing solutions to issues and reducing the stress that can be associated with property transactions.

H: How are things?

We know that getting your finances, credit file and paperwork in order at this stage opens-up more opportunities and can massively affect how quickly and successfully you can secure your funds.

Our initial, no-obligation, mortgage-ready call, establishes how are things for you at the moment and it is your first step to mortgage success and is conducted at our expense. There may be a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances, it will be agreed with you before proceeding. Our specialist team will start to access your financial circumstances, recommend your next steps and outline the Honey Financial Solutions services. We’ll leave you with a welcome pack that has some useful tips and a checklist of the documents you’ll need to find.


O: Objectives and opportunities

Organising a mortgage and ensuring you have future options to stay in your home, shouldn’t be a stressful process.  Our approach is to help you define your objectives right from the start. We’ll match your document’s, circumstances, affordability and objectives to provide a picture of what your opportunities are. This enables us to target our search and find the right solution for you.


N: Navigate the best journey for you

We know that sometimes the options available to you may feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re in a position to find solutions from a broad range of providers – above and beyond those listed on internet comparison sites. We’ll guide you through the options that fit with your circumstances and the objectives we defined together. At this point, we’ll decide which journey is best for you to take.


E: Engage

This is where the ball starts rolling. We’ll engage with the chosen provider and handle the whole application for you. It’s really important to avoid any delays, any further documents the provider requests are have received as soon as possible.


Y: Yes

It’s likely that at this stage your application is approved. If you’re purchasing a property or moving your mortgage to another lender, it’s now the responsibility of your solicitor/conveyancer to progress the sale to completion. We’re always here to help you though.

What happens if the application isn’t successful? There are several reasons why an application is unsuccessful. We’re still here for you and we’ll look at other opportunities available to you to secure the next option for your objectives.


F: Follow-up

This is often the part of the process that we can spend lots of time doing. We make sure follow-up (a polite way of saying ‘chase’) any delays and encourage, solicitors, estate agents, lenders and all parties involved to communicate effectively.


S: Success

Breathe a sigh of relief, we’ve made it to the end. You can concentrate on planning your house warming party. We’re always here if need us for services such as changing mortgage deals, moving house or building your property portfolio.

The most common way we build our business is through reviews and recommendations. It would be great if you could share your success and let others know how we have helped you.

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